It’s Never Been Easier to Shake it to a Palberta Song

What can we say? The title track off Roach Goin’ Down is a banger.

Palberta embody dissonance so naturally that it’s hard to imagine any other modus operandi for the New York trio. The way they wield atonality is almost Schoenbergian in its bravado. Their confidence, built up over years of uncompromising performances, now allows their songs to shine bright through a distorted pop prism. True heads will know that small-scale anthems have always been nestled deep within Palberta’s thorny world.

“Roach Goin’ Down,” the title track off their upcoming 22-track release on Wharf Cat Records, is one of these gems, focusing on rhythmic execution and vocal communion. Cowbells and hand claps dance atop a propulsive beat, as twisted harmonies alternate between cryptic reflections: “A new life, sitting in a new house / A new house, sitting in a new life.” Suffice it to say: “Roach Goin’ Down” slaps. In fact, it’s probably never been easier to shake it to a Palberta song. Will you join us?

Roach Goin’ Down drops June 15th on Wharf Cat Records. You can catch Palberta on their upcoming US & Canadian tour.