Lorenzo Senni Signs to Warp and Shares Hyperreal “Win In The Flat World”

The Italian synth wizard is set to drop his most high-profile release yet.

Italian synth wizard Lorenzo Senni just signed to Warp Records for his next EP, called Persona. It’s Senni’s most high-profile release yet, coming after a handful of colorful and visceral LPs released on forward-thinking electronic labels like Editions Mego and Boomkat. Quantum Jelly released in 2012, and was recorded as one-takes using a Roland JP8000 synthesizer as his only instrument. In 2014, Senni released the exceptional Superimpositions, taking his abstract arrangements and hard-edge synth patches to an alien level. Today Senni shared the first track from his forthcoming EP, “Win In The Flat World,” which showcases the artist taking a more maximalist approach to his sound, something like an Aphex Twin/PC Music mash-up, and reminiscent of Oneohtrix Point Never’s recent LP, Garden of Delete. The EP’s artwork comes from the avant-garde video artist Ed Atkins.

Lorenzo Senni will play at The Umbrella Factory on October 27. Persona is out November 11 on Warp Records.