Listening Woman Share “Room Divider” via OSR Tapes

Listening Woman dismantles preconceived notions of songwriting to create maniacal, deconstructed compositions.

Peering deeply into the depths of the music of Listening Woman, you will find a balance of harmoniously uplifting ballads and ferociously chaotic breakdowns. Dismantling any preconceived notion of songwriting, Listening Woman builds ingeniously maniacal compositions only to slip further into their own deconstruction. Getting Mystic, their new release on OSR Tapes, is a fascinating journey into another world, and as the album title suggests a truly mystical experience. Listening Woman stretch beyond the roles of musicians and transform into conjurers of transcendental experience. The playfully demented music video for “Room Divider” directed by Ariana Ratner perfectly mirrors the bizarre nature of their music. Filled with strange decorations, warped visuals, and odd interactions with objects, “Room Divider” is a fantastical trip into the melted minds of Listening Woman.

Getting Mystic is out November 15 on OSR.