Listen To Teen Daze and S. Carey Collaborate On “First Rain”

The two come together to create a melodic, meditative single for Teen Daze’s upcoming album.

“First Rain” is a collaboration between the ambient pop project, Teen Daze, and S. Carey. The first song written for Themes For Dying Earth, Teen Daze’s newest record, “First Rain” reflects on a beautiful, serene night outside that’s tempered by a distant knowledge that what’s here now may not be in the future. Built around a meditative FM piano melody that’s supplemented slowly by organs, guitars, and bells, the track transmutes the misty, cinematic cityscapes of the Blue Nile into a pastoral vision of a river rippling with rain. Teen Daze will touring throughout February and March, doing legs in the east and west coast. You can catch them playing alongside Mozart’s Sister in Brooklyn at Silent Barn on February 26.
Themes for Dying Earth is due out February 10 via FLORA.