Ultimate Painting Up The Gentle Psychedelia On New Scorcher

Ultimate Painting’s first LP, a self-titled heterogeneous collection of The Byrds meets VU era Velvet Underground nuggets, saw James Hoare and Jack Cooper trading songs. While Ultimate Painting provided insight into the band’s love of gentle guitars and poetic musings, their sophomore record, Green Lanes, saw the duo’s grip on individual craftsmanship loosening up. Like […]

Jackie Lynn Reveals Herself in Official Documentary

“Jump rope? I was like sixteen, maybe seventeen at the time? It was like ten thousand people watching,” admits “Rock Outfit” Circuit Des Yeux (a.k.a. Haley Fohr), explaining how she came into contact with alter ego, the cryptohistorical bard Jackie Lynn. For those following the trajectory, Jackie Lynn marks a new development in Fohr’s quest […]

Check Out Beef Jerk’s Recipe for “Soup of The Onion”

Though associated with the Australian “dolewave” scene, a joke genre descriptor for artists like Dick Diver or Courtney Barnett that offer jangly guitars and relaxed melodies, Beef Jerk add a bit of jazz influence to the mix. While the band obviously benefits from serious pop songwriting chops, on “Soup of the Onion,” Millie Hall’s saxophone […]

Kel Valhaal (Hunter Hunt-Hendrix) Shares Hallucinatory New Video

As to be expected from a Hunter Hunt-Hendrix project, Kel Valhaal has lofty aims. In an explanatory statement, the artist alludes to Transcendental Qabala, Gesamtkunstwerk, a modern reworking of Perichoresis, and a multitude of artistic media and genres. It can sound heavy-handed,  like basically every philosophy even peripherally influenced by The Hermetic Order of the […]