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Zach Phillips: New Cartoons

Zach Phillips: New Cartoons

Zach Phillips' experimentation with melodic structure has taken form in several projects over the past few years, perhaps most notably in the controlled yet chaotic music of Blanche Blanche Blanche, whose final LP Hints to Pilgrims will be released next month on his label, OSR Tapes. Phillips recently put out a solo album titled New Cartoons that includes 22 tracks, most of which are under 1-minute in length. To attempt a succinct description of this record would reduce what is a complex synthesis of sweetness and dissonance; a totality guided primarily by a unique expressive mode. It might just be better to listen to it for yourself.

Stream Phillips' New Cartoons below. It can be purchased via Gnar Tapes.

Big French: "Payback"

Big French:

Big French, the project of New York-based Quinton Moore, is yet another cross-roads project for the extended OSR family. Moore plays with Great Valley member Jo-Miller Gamble (on drums) and keyboard whizz//Blanche Blanche Blanche member Zach Phillips (whose Recorded in Heaven was one of our favorites.) The contributions are immediately apparent on the frenetic cut "Payback," where Phillips' idiosyncratic melodi-pop oozes each synth chord played. However fascinating Phillips' contributions are, they take a backseat to the squalling and manic guitar workout that Moore delivers. The one-two punch results in a feeling equivalent to rocking out too hard to Royal Trux while watching workplace-instructional films. The video, by Phillips, parralells the song as cars drive down surburban streets in a mélange of tape-induced colors and transparent images.

Big French's debut Downtown Runnin' is out July 23 via Wharf Cat Records