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Xiu Xiu Releases Animated Video For New Song “Jenny GoGo”

Xiu Xiu Releases Animated Video For New Song “Jenny GoGo” Photography by Alexandra Brown

Set to release their eleventh studio album FORGET on February 25 on Polyvinyl, art-pop masters Xiu Xiu debuted the video for their latest single "Jenny GoGo." The animated video is equally adsurd and foreboding as crude animations dance across a television static background for an eerie viewing that nudges you just out of your comfort zone. Lyrically dark yet cheeky verses like, “Too dead to be this dumb/ Too dead to be this young” steadily grow from whispers over drone-like synths until they explode into pulsing shrieks for a visceral throwback to coldwave.

Xiu Xiu will tour behind their LP and head to Brooklyn Bazaar on April 6 with Dreamcrusher. Watch the video below.





Xiu Xiu/Lawrence English: LAMC #8

Xiu Xiu/Lawrence English: LAMC #8

Xiu Xiu is the latest artist to contribute to Famous Class’ Less Artists More Condos series, offering the previously unreleased track “Real Doll Factory” as the A-side for LAMC #8. A dark, frantic soundscape is immediately established, and Jamie Stewart, as he’s often prone to do, jumps in with shouts of hopeless desperation soon after. Things get even creepier as the song continues and more sinister sounds join Stewart’s demented prose. With more than a minute remaining, the vocals disappear, leaving behind an industrial grind punctuated with what sound like the muffled roars of a monster. If Xiu Xiu’s track represents a night of terror, LAMC #8’s B-side from Lawrence English is the foggy dawn the day after. English’s self-titled track has an ethereal upper-register and warm bass tones, set in a world not quite as dark as that of Xiu Xiu’s song. However, the darkness is not all gone-- English introduces scraping melodies that disrupt their smoother setting, bringing the track back to a place where fear is in the air.

The Xiu Xiu/Lawrence English split 7” is out tomorrow via Famous Class Records.