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Wold: "Annex Axe"


Short-term reissues are often a vote of confidence. Such was the case with Fabrica releasing Robert Turman's Beyond Painting before the orginal run of CD-R's even sold out, and the same principal applies to Ideologic Organ's reissue of Canadian terrifiers, Wold's, Freemasonry. Originally out on Profound Lore in 2011, Freemasonry is a relentless work, with Wold's massive block of noise decaying into musical form. The effect is somewhere between sculpting from marble and conjuring form from the ether. "Annex Axe" is a choice example of Freemasonry's play of concrete and abstract-- the vocals and electronic drums possess the filthy sonic space much like the spirit of a lost patient in an abandoned mental hospital. As implied by the album's title, Wold seems infatuated with the second world that exists behind the quotidien.

Freemasonry is out on Stephen O'Malley's Ideologic Organ on April 29.