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Spacin' Stream New LP's Title Track "Total Freedom," Hit the Road

Spacin' Stream New LP's Title Track

Like Deep Thuds before it, Total Freedom shows Spacin’ shoveling coal into the rad times express, spreading its gospel of take-it-easy-ness. Continuing on the path of psychedelic garage, the title track, a steadily chugging voyage to the land of good vibrations, is immediately reminiscent of locomotion and its lulling, hypnotic rhythm. But while the song is as pleasant as songs come these days, the title asks an uneasy question: if this is “Total Freedom,” then what’s everything else? Inside the confines of the song, and the album as whole for that matter, life is groovy, but perhaps externally we have a long way to go.

Total Freedom is out now on Richie Records. Spacin' tour dates are after the jump.

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Spacin': "Sunshine, No Shoes"


Deep Thuds is the debut release from Spacin', a new group led by Jason Killinger of Birds of Maya. The Birds of Maya nexus has already spun off Mike Polizze's closely-watched Purling Hiss project, and Spacin' channels another aspect of that group's preoccupation with stoned, freewheeling jams. Philly-based Richie Records has cataloging the riches of the city's rock elite for years, and their fixation on alternately poppy and depressive murk-rock spans from local wunderkind Kurt Vile to forgotten thrashers of the past like Violent Students (the subject of Party Addiction, a crucial recent archival release from Richie). "Sunshine, No Shoes" is indicative of the Spacin' M.O.: riffs up front, sing-along vocals with a head-bopping melody, and a casual interest in fidelity. This is righteous afternoon beer-guzzling music for the warmer weather. (via Visitation Rites)

Deep Thuds is available now on vinyl from Richie Records