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Shopping Can’t Keep Calm, But They Carry On Regardless

Shopping Can’t Keep Calm, But They Carry On Regardless Photo by CJ Monk

When the world is falling apart, have a dance party.

That maxim seems to encapsulate Shopping’s approach to modern life on their new LP, The Official Body, which was produced by Orange Juice legend Edwyn Collins. Though its ten songs abound with references to groupthink and alienation, the album’s skittery drums, jagged guitar riffs, and chunky bass lines just might convince you to quit worrying and start moving your feet.  

Billy Easter (bass guitar and vocals), Rachel Aggs (guitar and vocals), and Andrew Milk (drums and vocals) met through the London DIY scene and formed Shopping in 2012, out of their previous band, Cover Girl. They released their hard-charging 2013 debut, Consumer Complaints, on Easter and Milk’s label Milk Records before signing to FatCat and releasing the angular Why Choose in 2015.

Shopping toured that second record amidst the turmoil of Brexit and Trumpmania, twin phenomena that seem to have inspired some music journalists to read post-punk trio’s antics as “political.” While the label is by no means disingenuous (their songs have tackled issues like capitalism and identity politics), the group bristles slightly at being boxed in by the classification. 

“I think it would be really easy to be like, ‘We have a platform, what are we going to say?’ and put loads of pressure on ourselves as if our music can change anything,” Aggs said over Google Hangout. “I know that sounds a bit depressing, but it kind of can’t. The most it can do is be cathartic for us and our friends and our fans.”

If there is a label that sticks to Shopping, let it be one of self-reliance and tenacity.

“We haven’t had a completely easy, breezy, beautiful time where we’ve been basking in the release of our last album for the last two years,” Easter said. “But we haven’t let it get us down. We’re still here and we’ve got another album.”

Shopping play with French Vanilla, Future Punx, and Pickled Onion at Market Hotel on March 3. They have also just released a new video for their track "Suddenly Gone" from the new album The Official Body, you can check it out below.

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Shopping Got Remixed By Helm

Shopping Got Remixed By Helm Steve Glashier

Shopping just shared London-based producer Helm's reworking of "Wind Up", a track from their latest LP, Why Choose. Helm, the PAN-affiliated electonic musician, has a history of engaging with Europe's punk scene, crafting industrial noise as part of the project Birds Of Delay and, more recently, touring with Iceage under his current moniker. Working with "Wind Up", Helm draws from the energy of Shopping's proto-punk performance, sampling the band's animated vocal shouts and plunky guitar licks and morphing their song into a dark dancehall track. “Our friend Helm makes boundary-less music, atmospheric and sometimes industrial in tone and we are so pleased he agreed to work on this track for us while travelling for 7 days on the trans-siberian express!", Shopping told AdHoc via email. "Perhaps the first remix made on this legendary train journey across vast changing landscapes.”

Why Choose is out now on FatCat. Shopping plays Baby's All Right with Gauche on August 3rd. More US tour dates below.

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