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Sheer Mag Are Chipping Away at Toxic Masculinity

Sheer Mag Are Chipping Away at Toxic Masculinity

As AC/DC, once put it, “It’s a long way to the top if you wanna rock & roll.” Not so for Sheer Mag, the Philadelphia power-soul riff factory who propelled themselves from DIY basements to headlining venue tours in just a few years. They aren’t seeking a spot on the music industry summit—just a sustainable future where they exercise full control over the band and and its music, from top to bottom. 
Their unwavering independence is clear, from their self-distributed albums, to their raucous self-booked tours. That ethos is consistent with the band’s message: be yourself, against all odds. Tracks like “Nobody’s Baby” and “Suffer Me” subvert the casual misogyny often found in riff rock, swapping it out for a strong sense of identity and open-mindedness. “Keep me out of your fantasy,” bellows front person Tina Halladay on the latter “Can you give me that one luxury?”
Over the phone from her Point Breeze, Philadelphia apartment, Halladay acknowledges the subversive nature of their lyrics. “People like rock & roll,” explains Halladay, “but it didn’t always come from the best place.” Their debut self-released full-length album—Need To Feel Your Love, out last June—is about taking the power back. “It’s really cool to see people sing along to ‘Nobody’s Baby’ like they would ‘The Boys Are Back In Town,’” she says.
Sheer Mag play Villain on 10/21 with Hank Wood and the Hammerheads and Haram.
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Stream Sheer Mag's New III 7" And Check Their Nostalgic "Nobody's Baby" Video

Stream Sheer Mag's New III 7

Sheer Mag just shared a new video for their song "Nobody's Baby" directed by L.A.-based film collective NancyShirley, the creative minds behind the band's earlier "Fan The Flames" video. "For this video we executed the high production values and veneers of 1980's pop music videos, while embracing and manipulating their antithesis, the confinements and blunders of analog recording." NancyShirley told AdHoc via email. "The VHS aesthetic contributes to the large scale illusion of the 3D printed set. We strived to create a galactic temple stage that would suite the nostalgia of Sheer Mag's resurfaced sound." The track blazes by, propelled by fuzzy, uptempo guitar riffs while Christina Halladay's brassy voice expounds on themes of independence juxtaposed with the entitlement of men. "Nobody's Baby" brings to mind the strong-willed pop anthems of Donna Summer or Gloria Gaynor filtered through the lens of a Philadelphia punk band. Its video flaunts this nostalgia, disco-ball and all. 

The new video accompanies the release of Sheer Mag's third EP, III, now available to stream below. The new four-track release features "Nobody's Baby" as well as the previously released cut "Can't Stop Fighting".

AdHoc brings Sheer Mag to Market Hotel on May 6th. More tour dates after the jump. 

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Sheer Mag Share New Track, Playing Market Hotel In May

Sheer Mag Share New Track, Playing Market Hotel In May

Sheer Mag have posted a new track to their SoundCloud, titled "Can't Stop Fighting". Fans of their last two EPs will be delighted to see the Philadelphia punks staying true to their fuzzed-out, Thin Lizzy-tinged sound, complete with guitar harmonies. Singer Christina Halladay channels the harsh realities of street harassment into a call-to-arms, imploring the audience to take an active role in combating an often violent culture of double-standards. 

"all my life i've felt the eye of the catcall / we're striking back baby, and you can find me in the vanguard

you say you don't understand /

I can see the blood, it's on your hands"

Sheer Mag is playing Market Hotel May 6th