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No Fans: The Cult of Richard Youngs

No Fans: The Cult of Richard Youngs Photos by Tim Bugbee

It’s dusk in Raleigh, North Carolina and Richard Youngs has just finished sound checking for his performance at the Hopscotch Music Festival. Although the festival has brought more than 170 acts from all over the world, it is the British guitarist and vocalist's appearance that is arguably the most exceptional. In a career that has spanned a quarter century, the prolific Scotsman has released nearly forty solo records, not including his extensive resume of collaborations, side projects and one-offs. One thing he hasn’t done very much of, however, is live performance, particularly in North America.

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Listen to Richard Youngs' New Single

Listen to Richard Youngs' New Single

Continuing his streak as one of Britian's most prolific artists, Richard Youngs has a new album arriving this September on Ba Da Bing Records, with the first taste being this new tune entitled "Summer Through My Mind." Beginning with only the simple strumming of an acoustic guitar, Youngs builds up the sonic landscape of the song using slide guitar as musical punctuation, his earnest vocals eventually taking center stage as he reflects on the mental effects of summer. It's unadorned and unassuming, but thoroughly exciting.

Summer Through My Mind is out September 3 from Ba Da Bing.