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Profligate Offers Up a Pensive, Haunting New Album

Profligate Offers Up a Pensive, Haunting New Album

Noah Anthony's long-running project Profligate returns with the self-released Abbreviated Regime. The new album cultivates richly euphonious songs that are both deeply transformative and spiritually moving. Billowing aural entanglements blossom into slowly burning ballads full of haunting harmonies; hovering synthesizers coalesce to form an ecstatically immersive sonic mass. On album highlight "Enlist," sharply fragmenting arpeggios ripple beneath the pulse of a transfixing vocal loop. Throughout, Anthony's tender crooning is woven amongst the trickles of noise radiating between floating tones; the words are subtle and pensive, while evoking a turmoil that is slowly absorbed by a restless void.

Abbreviated Regime is out now on Profligate's Bandcamp page.

Profligate: "Every Little Rainbow"


Philadelphia's Profligate has been hard at work generating a constant stream of mind altering musical endeavors, crafting his own wildly erratic form of techno. Fresh off the heels of the interstellar Not Not Fun release Finding the Floor, he is teaming up with Berlin-based label Unknown Precept for his latest release, Extremities. The first single, "Every Little Rainbow", is a textural melting-pot of thick blood churning beats; its shape shifting rhythms ricochet against a wall of screeching synthesizers. Profligate's contorted grooves act as a conduit, radiating throughout the nervous system. The flowing current of pulsing elastic tempos will keep your body moving, emitting an relentless vitality.

Extremities is out June 5 on Unknown Precept

Form a Log: "Riff Country"

Form a Log:

Sound collage supergroup Form a Log (Container's Ren Schofield, Profligate's Noah Anthony, New Flesh's Rick Weaver) concoct warped layers of audio sandwiched into strangely delicious combinations. After creating serious rifts with their mesmerizingly disjointed The Two Benji's and For the Record, the trio looks to continue the trend on their upcoming self-released At a Festival. On the first single, "Riff Country," the group dives straight into a battered frenzy of filthy textures and odd syncopations. Fat, humming melodies are soon surrounded by overwhelming riffs and suddenly fade into a patchwork of chopped-up rhythmic fragmentations. These wild minds create their own microcosm of music that is an otherworldly venture into weird aural territories. Form a Log is roaming around parts of the U.S. on an upcoming tour with Belgian warped techno head Fyoelk.

Form a Log are self-releasing At a Festival on May 5, at the start of their tour. Check the tour dates after the jump.

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Profligate: “Laughing Song” video

Profligate: “Laughing Song” video

“Laughing Song” from Profligate’s upcoming LP and Not Not Fun’s 300th release, Finding the Floor, coaxes a nostalgia for a passed moment that never quite existed -- an altered recipe of dance and post-punk. Noah Anthony, the Philly resident behind Profligate and one-third of tape collagists Form A Log, is not one to be pigeonholed. “Laughing Song” is a foray into territory where he leans into his synthpop sensibilities, and dishes them in short-form. The music video by Chrissy Jones is a multi-framed tableau that presents images equally as perplexing and compelling as Anthony's sounds -- especially in moments the sentient bust lip syncs to noises that straddle between human and machine.

Stream "Laughing Song" below. Profligate's Finding the Floor is out next month via Not Not Fun.

Check Out Noise Compilation Feral Grind

Check Out Noise Compilation Feral Grind

Two months ago, Ali Wells (the UK producer also known as Perc) began a new imprint off his own Perc Trax, aimed at featuring raw and improvised techno and experimental sounds. The sophomore release off of Wells’ Submit is a compilation titled Feral Grind, curated by Wells and Justin Farrar. The compilation promotes producers and musicians mostly out of the U.S, and draws from the multiple and simultaneous interactions between techno, harsh noise and power electronics. Feral Grind includes tracks from some pretty established figures such as Pete Swanson, Burial Hex, and Hive Mind, while also showcasing some lesser-known projects like Henry and Hazel Slaughter (Wolf Eyes’ John Olson’s harsh rhythm moniker).  If you’re in a doom & gloom mood, or if you just want a reason to feel a sense of impending disaster, Feral Grind is for you.

Feral Grind and its 12’’ sampler are available now through Submit.