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PC Worship: "Mellow Moon"

PC Worship:

Brooklyn psych-lords PC Worship have a new 7" on Sophomore Lounge, and its B-side is, well, pretty "mellow." Unfolding at a molasses-like pace, "Mellow Moon" would channel the music of Sebadoh and early Smog if Lou Barlow or Bill Callahan had drunk more cough syrup-- as a result it's closer to something like Pink Reason, or even a more straightforwardly rocking Dead C. The track rides a simplistic and disconnected groove throughout its five-and-a-half minutes, adding plinky but dissonant guitar plucks over its foundation of steady, dirge-like acoustic guitar strums. Though "Mellow Moon" is less loud and chaotic than many of PC Worship's other recordings, it's just as heavy and hypnotic-- and by the time it devolves into ritualistic chanting, it's accomplished its goals of sucking you in, spitting you out, and leaving you confused, hazy, and bummed in the best of ways.

"Preach Under Cooked" b/w "Mellow Moon" is out later this month on Sophomore Lounge, and you can pre-order it now.

Stream PC Worship's Beat Punk

Stream PC Worship's Beat Punk

We've spoken nothing but kindness about the rad dudes in post-punk contortionists PC Worship and there's a damn good reason for that. The group-- spearheaded by Justin Frye and a rotating cast of characters with impressive pedigrees-- is collective improvisation at its finest, making tiny psychedelic nuggets that often stampede out of the speakers. Their sound is a full frontal assault on a good system and in the live setting, and after getting familiar with PC Worship fans of noise and spazzy, scuzzy rock are often left out with little to complain about.

The good scribes at Ad Hoc are pleased to bring you Beat Punk, the group's second full length, which is due soon on New Images.