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Palberta Share An Uneasy Mantra On "Sick"

Palberta Share An Uneasy Mantra On Photo By Jane Chardiet

There’s a heaving lurch in “Sick,” a symptom of Palberta’s tight austerity, and deconstruction of pop songwriting. Rather than rely on any sort of hook, by most standards, at least, the band utilizes a mantra, repeating a word, phrase, or even inflection, until a few things happen:

1. The mantra is manifested as a sonic force

2. The mantra has lost its semantic quality

3. The mantra’s repetition becomes comfortable, familiar, and reassuring

It may seem strange that a composition as quick and hyper-composed as “Sick”—it boasts a runtime of less than a minute and a half—can prove emblematic of the power of incantation, and yet, that uneasy, hypnotic repetition is the well from which the song draws power. I can almost hear myself joining in the chant, before the vocals break off, and I'm left nodding off to a spindly groove, and a final lithely-picked guitar lick.

Bye Bye Berta is out February 10 on LP via Wharf Cat Records and CS via Ramp Local.

Palberta: My Pal Berta

Palberta: My Pal Berta

Palberta are a three-piece group claiming to hail from "upperstate" New York. They make terrifying and weird rock music that draws from the fertile intersections of the demonic and childlike. This combination is illustrated well in the crudely edited picture of a smashed doll on the side of a street which serves as the cover to last year's slept-on full length, Pal Berta. The band screams, whispers and coos over loosely structured riffs that call to mind the arty, mischievous post-punk of The Fall or Swell Maps as well as some of the more carnivelsque noise bands to emerge from Boston in recent years.

You can stream Pal Berta in its entirety below. The album is also available on cassette via OSR Tapes.