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North Americans: "Lux"

North Americans:

Extraterrestrial imagery, and all the glances into uncharted territory it implies, runs wild throughout the music of North Americans, the solo project of Los Angeles-based Patrick McDermott, who also runs Driftless Recordings. "Lux" is taken from Legends, the moniker's second voyage, and it's a multi-tiered, densely constructed work. The majority of Legends was recorded throughout McDermott's 2014 travels, often when he was just on the brink of falling asleep, using that fine edge between consciousness to focus on crafting overwhelming sounds that drift between Pop-indebted drones and surf-tinged New Age. As the majority of the tunes began to form, the imagery that goes with it takes on a life of its own. To visualize the phenomenon McDermott drafted Ryan "Ghostdad" Sciano to make a video game entitled Legends as well, taking the music of the album and giving a hefty dose of the uncanny valley.

Legends is out soon on Driftless Recordings. 

Stream North Americans' Debut LP

Stream North Americans' Debut LP

Give it up for some finely crafted ambient music. Patrick McDermott, co-founder of Driftless Records with Joel Ford, has just released his debut as North Americans, NO_NO. At play here is a heap of pristine digitalia, melding samples and drones of all textures to craft ambient music that falls squarely outside of the well trodden realms of both New Age and komische. McDermott's approach is, if anything, one of a techno producer's, as evidenced by his modular structures and a timbral palette that ranges from squeaky clean to moderately scuffed.

NO_NO is out now on Driftless.