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Chino Amobi Likes to Stress the Distressing

Chino Amobi Likes to Stress the Distressing

Chino Amobi recently tweeted that “the best compliment” he got about Paradiso was that it was “unlistenable.” Paradiso is the latest full-length from the Richmond-based producer and co-founder of NON Worldwide, a record label and resistance movement centering the artistry of musicians from within the African diaspora. The album’s sprawling 20 tracks brim with industrial beats, MIDI horns, and the raw power of his own voice—as well as the sounds and voices of his many collaborators, including Dutch E. Germ, Elysia Crampton, and Moro. 

Ahead of Amobi’s live set on July 20 at St. Vitus, AdHoc spoke with the musician and organizer about the liberatory politics of Paradiso, and how difficult music can amplify marginalized voices.

Your new record is incredibly rich—there’s so much going on in every song. Could you talk about the process of composing these tracks?

I just wanted it to be something different, to have a moment where I liberated myself sonically from a lot of the stuff that I hear—[stuff] that people classify as “electronic.” These tracks are in conversation with so many artists, so many people that inspire me. I really wanted to go all over the place—to do things that were not only challenging for  myself, but also challenging for  the listener. I wanted to construct a narrative that felt cinematic. 

That’s kind of the way my mind works, too—I’m inspired by so many different themes within the span of a day or an hour, and I really wanted to respect that thought process. If you look into my work, I don’t really have a style—I do, but I don’t.

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Boyd Rice: "XXX"

Boyd Rice:

Head Satanist and noise godfather, Boyd Rice, has resurrected his NON project, most likely with minimal animal sacrifice. Last November's Back To Mono was Rice's first NON album since 2002's Children of the Black Sun. The interim saw a four-hour documentary being released about Rice, entitled Iconoclast, while Rice started chilling with Wes Eisold of Cold Cave. In fact, Eisold helped Boyd Rice out with some production work on the NON album, which is Rice's return to his early '80s industrial output made with contemporary technology. Boyd Rice and Cold Cave are going as far as to strike out on tour this spring, bringing some bad vibes to a venue near you. Notably, Mr. NON is the longest-abiding member of Mute's roster, and the label will be releasing an anthology in the fall called Physical Evidence, which collects Rice's work between 1977 and 1982. This should include the brief period during which Robert Turman was a member of NON.

Back To Mono is out now on Mute. NON and Cold Cave will be stopping at 285 Kent, Brooklyn in June.