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MV + EE: "Get Right Church (Live)"

MV + EE:

As the glow of the holiday season dies down and winter settles in, a kind of New Year angst takes hold. What will 2013 be? Is this the year of the new job, the new relationship, of everything coming together? With so many uncertainties hanging in the air, it's nice to know that some things will always be there-- things like a new MV + EE album. Since the dissolution of Tower Recordings, the duo of Matt Valentine and Erika Elder have been forging their own universe of sound through prolific studio releases and an inexhaustible, vault-clearing program of live releases. Their next major statement is Fuzzweed, due in February on the venerable Three Lobed Recordings. For this one, Three Lobed is reviving their tradition of including a bonus CD with all LP pre-orders, and what they have in store is very special.

Culled from a month-long residency at the dearly-departed Zebulon in January 2011, Fantasy Set is a collection of Matt Valentine's favorite tracks and moments, specially edited and sequenced. The result is a fitting farewell for the crucial venue, whose passing represents the last gasp of experimental and improvised culture in Williamsburg proper. It's also the perfect vehicle for initiation into the MV + EE ethos, their anything-goes live sets are as critical as studio dispatches. Think of Fantasy Set as MV + EE's very own Dick's Picks. Below is the first public taste of this magic, a ten-minute blowout version of “Get Right Church,” a personal favorite of the MV + EE repertoire. Here Matt and Erika are joined by Jeremy Earl of Woods, Matt Lajoie-- alias Herbcraft-- and frequent collaborator Carson “Smokehound” Arnold on drums. The result is incendiary.

Fuzzweed is released February 19 on Three Lobed. Pre-order now to ensure your copy of Fantasy Set.

MV + EE: "Sweet Sure Gone"

MV + EE:

“Sweet Sure Gone” comes on about five or six minutes into side one of the new MV+EE album, Space Homestead, and it shifts the record into a nice low buzz. The vocals drive it-- the “sweet sure gone” refrain has a long-high emphasis on the sweet. It feels like the last number of an epic night, everybody gathered around a drum kit in a warm living room somewhere in the Northeast, candles burned almost all the way down, playing slowly, softly, and singing sweetly. In fact, it was recorded in four living rooms– Honey House, Maximum Arousal Farm, Buttermilk Falls, and Inner Mountain– and the folks gathered around the hearth were Matt Valentine, Erika Elder, Mick Flower, Mongoose, John Moloney, Jeremy Earl and Rafi Bookstaber. They all sound like they know each other real well.

Matt Valentine told me the new album “came outta DIY. It’s a cool place to pan for some precious heaviness in the continuum. It’s what you see after you've smoked the stash.” Looks pretty good from down here.

Space Homestead is out now on Woodsist.