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Russell E.L. Butler Unveils Acidic 12", Shares "A New Day"

Russell E.L. Butler Unveils Acidic 12

" thing that's attracted me and cemented me with this music is its ability to create spaces where people can feel really welcome."

The Club is a mysterious, sometimes dark, enveloping space, but a welcoming one. Many underground clubs and venues in the United States suffer from frequent stigmatization from an unsympathetic public. Occasionally, sudden tragedies occur, a reminder that even safe spaces must face the world outside. But the Club is still a haven for shaking off stress, becoming closer with oneself, and bridging cultural boundaries underneath a heavy, syncopated kick drum. The Bermuda via Oakland producer Russell E.L. Butler gets this: his new 12" for CGI RecordsI'm Dropping Out of Life, blends the ecstatic throb of acid with a nod to his heritage and Bermudan indigenous music, Gombey. Butler has previously released music with the UK gatekeepers of underground house, Opal Tapes, as well as a track on the recent, cold-fire compilation Club Chai Vol. 1. His latest, "A New Day," carries a positive message and inertia, and is sure to draw people to the dancefloor.

I'm Dropping Out of Life is out February 3 on CGI Records. Pre-order it here, and also check out Butler's feature with Moog Music below—he jams in his sunny studio with his cat and talks about the necessity of staying grounded in the 21st Century.