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Stream Matt Carlson's All Moments

Stream Matt Carlson's All Moments

Matt Carlson's All Moments is a solo electronic record that bucks a lot of the conventions that marked his past work for NNA or with Golden Retriever. It's varied segments place harmony in equal worth with texture, mood, and ambience, delivering surprisingly lyrical passages amongst long stretches of open-ended psych-outs. Two tracks, "A Lock Against Oblivion" and "Raindrop Garden," had already dropped, but now the entire album is streaming on NNA Tapes' soundcloud.

All Moments is out September 18th on NNA Tapes, and is available for pre-order now.

Matt Carlson: "Raindrop Garden"

Matt Carlson:

The modest bleep-bloop shower that opens up Matt Carlson's "Raindrop Garden" plays calm before the storm, eventually inundating a given set of ears with washes of single-tone hums, rhythmic white noise drips, and an improvised vocoder raga that makes melody and harmony just as central to the piece as texture. The Portland-based synthesist and one half of Golden Retriever had given what seemed more like a solo study with his previously released track "A Lock Against Oblivion". "Garden" brings out a cinematic and symphonic cooperation between Matt's many sounds.

Carlson's forthcoming LP, All Moments, comes out September 18th on NNA Tapes.