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Inga Copeland Shares New Track, Announces Tour

Inga Copeland Shares New Track, Announces Tour

From her time as a co-trickster with Dean Blunt in Hype Williams, to her cycling through various aliases for different releases, Inga Copeland has never made easy legibility an artistic priority. Her debut full length, 2014’s Because I’m Worth It, was released as copeland, while a subsequent EP, RELAXIN’ With Lolina saw her take on the name Lolina. Last year, she retained the name Lolina for an album called Live In Paris that was not, actually, recorded live in Paris, however insistent the sinister chant of the titular phrase three minutes in is. Today she has shared a cryptic video for a track called “Fake Bond,” with the video’s still image splitting the difference between her monikers by referring to her as “Inga ‘Lolina’ Copeland.” The track is built around a wobbly electric piano loop that switches between two, unbalanced feeling meters, anchored by a slick, mischievous bass line. Meanwhile, strange, waterlogged sounds interject here and there, as if performing a modernist ballet.

The video still also announces a 2017 tour, featuring a performance in Brooklyn at the Knitting Factory this Thursday, April 6. She’ll be performing alongside SADAF and blursome.

Inga Copeland - Fake Bond from Lolina on Vimeo.

Lolina: "Miss Understood"


A new year brings a new moniker for Inga Copeland. A former member of beat freak duo Hype Williams, the Estonian artist is now recording under the name Lolina. And with this new pseudonym comes another slight shift in her approach to modern electronic pop. Taking a step to the left of the wobbly afterparty vibes of her last album, 2014's Because I'm Worth It (released as copeland), her new EP RELAXIN' With Lolina is dmore minimalist, stripping the '90s-influenced club tracks down to the studs. On the amazing "Miss Understood," Copeland drives a few insistent synth melodies into your cerebellum nice and easy, soothing the impact of the assault with a nursery rhyme-like vocal and a dribbling, halting boom-bap. 

Listen to "Miss Understood" below. The self-released RELAXIN' With Lolina EP is out now.