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Landing: "Wave Lair"


Patience is a virtue. The weekly onslaught of content from all corners of the music underground-- live sessions, mix tapes, remixes, album teasers, etc., etc. ad nauseum can wear. The mere act of sitting out the relentless content cycle can qualify as a strategy in and of itself. For Connecticut's Landing, a narcotic shoegaze inflected group centered around the husband-and-wife team of Aaron and Adrienne Snow, time off means the group has redoubled their efforts to explore transcendent, sparkling landscapes on the fringes of dream pop. Landing spent a prolific first half of the 00's on stalwart underground labels like K and Strange Attractors Audio House, but a six year hiatus has done the group well. Returning last year with a self-titled record on Geographic North, the group have just followed that up with a four-song EP on These Are Not Records. The A-side is three ethereal confections as gently transporting as any in the genre, but the titular closer is a 20-minute masterstroke combining hazy ambience and strong melodic sensibility with a caculating, slow burn payoff. Please enjoy.

The Wave Lair EP is out now on limited vinyl via These Are Not Records.

Landing: "Heart Finds the Beat"


Save for a quick 7" one-off, husband and wife space rock power duo Landing has remained radio silent for almost six years. And in the interim, it appears Landing discovered trace amounts of caffeine, or ginseng, or perhaps 5 Hour Energy and/or PCP. If you're not yet familiar with Landing, I encourage you to fill up the peace pipe and figure it the fuck out. If you're on the Landing tip though, it's recommended that you make like Samuel L. Jackson in Jurassic Park and "hold on to your butts."

Their latest eponymous effort ropes in the flying, hypnotic ambience that made the Connecticut-based slow-core outfit adored amongst those tuned in to the otherverse over a significantly higher BPM count. The lead single, "Heart Finds the Beat," offers up lessons in jet propulsion coupled with ancient healing powers. It's a celestial pop masterpiece worthy of transmitting over the SETI system, antennas pointed toward possible intelligent life in the universe. Hell, I could even label this song, unironically, a salient club banger. More importantly, "Heart Finds the Beat" bolsters a cathartic, soaring chorus gorgeous enough to use as a spiritual litmus test. Landing is a surprising, satisfying listening experience throughout, providing a benchmark example of how a veteran space/post rock band can stay fresh and inventive throughout their career. (via Distonal)

Landing just dropped via Geographic North, and it's limited to 500 LPs, so don't sleep.