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Katapulto: "Hardbodies" video


Just as it seemed the creators of Teletubbies had moved on to DMT by the time they conceived of Boobah, so does the latest video from Polish electronic artist Katapulto feel like the director of New Order’s “True Faith” clip had decided to start gobbling a few tabs of acid before storyboarding. We have what looks like a slowly-opening dandelion poking at a giant tablet computer, creatures made of tin foil and laserdiscs playing along to the glitterstomp electro tune, and the disembodied head of Wojtek Rusin (Katapulto's real name) poking up amid it all and singing his ode to “Hard Bodies.”

As with most of the visual aids that Rusin has created over the years for this project, this video goes hand in hand with the song while also not connecting at all. The music shares a similar disco-bruised mindset as “True Faith” did back in 1987, so it makes sense that Katapulto and his collaborator Joe Evans would want to connect his oddball creations with that of director Philippe Decouflé. At the same time, these adorably freaky costumed dancers have absolutely zero to do with Rusin’s winking lyrics of shady hookups and silent gestures in the dark, all sung with his signature deadpan patter.

Katapulto’s new album, Powerflex, is out soon via Olde English Spelling Bee

Check out the video for “Hard Bodies.”