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Jeremy Bible Vs. Mousecop: "Elegy Fr Baxter Stockman (Compassion For The Insects)"

Jeremy Bible Vs. Mousecop:

Baxter Stockman, the mad scientist/fly-man character from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, is a pathetic figure, the subject of much abuse at the hands of both the Turtles and Shredder. As such, “Elegy Fr Baxter Stockman (Compassion For The Insects),” the A-side of a collaborative tape by Experimedia head Jeremy Bible and Akron-based duo Mousecop (Curt Brown and Joshua Novak of Rubber City Noise), is a nice reminder that, while there’s no excuse for Stockman’s evil-doing, empathy is as much an option as the interdimensional banishment that ended most Stockman-centric episodes. The elegy itself, which lurches between melancholic dirge, uncanny sound collage, and squealing noise, is a fittingly delirious memoriam for a sad cartoon character and just more evidence that the Midwest is fertile ground for some of the most free contemporary music around.

Jeremy Bible Vs. Mousecop is out now on Hausu Mountain.

Jeremy Bible: Collisions

Jeremy Bible: Collisions

You might know Jeremy Bible as the proprietor of your favorite independent distributor/zone emporium Experimedia, but the Cleveland-based inter-disciplinary artist wears a tower of hats in addition to the black-brimmed postman cap symbolizing the prompt shipping of physical media. Over the last few years, he has experimented with video synthesis (=crocheted rasta beanie), constructed quadraphonic live setups (=four "Collector" snapbacks), and exploring the infinite potential of electronic concrète collage (=the sleek black headset of Morton Subotnick). Though infrequent limited-run releases have trickled out of his Experimedia label imprint over the last decade, his new album Collisions-- streaming in full below-- showcases the most fully realized incarnation of his solo project to date. The album's two extended pieces speed through a litany of textures and atmospheres, juxtaposing squalls of hi-fi synth noise with naturalistic field recordings and passages of otherworldly drone. Bible's surprising aural journey coheres across its diverse palette of sounds by way of its uniformly lush production standard and its attention to detail in tone spatialization. The album channels the structural chaos and alien laptop squelch of Florian Hecker, and the unpredictable live synthesis of Headboggle, as it stakes out its own unheard territory in the wide expanse of the experimental underground.

Collisions is available now in limited-run cassette and CD editions via Experimedia.