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Photo Gallery: 33 1/3 Book Release of Jawbreaker's 24 Hour Revenge Therapy

Photo Gallery: 33 1/3 Book Release of Jawbreaker's 24 Hour Revenge Therapy Photo by Natalie Piserchio

This past Saturday, April 7, Murmrr Ballroom hosted the release of the newest 33 1/3 book, Jawbreaker’s 24 Hour Revenge Therapy. Jawbreaker's Blake Schwarzenbach (singer/guitarist) fielded questions and told stories about how the album came to be. He was joined by Tim Kinsella (Cap'n Jazz, Joan of Arc, Owls) and author Ronen Givony. Photographer Natalie Piserchio was on hand to grab some images from the evening. Check them out below!

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Jawbreaker's Bivouac and Chesterfield King Reissued

Jawbreaker Bivouac and Chesterfield King Reissued

For a suburban kid raised on a steady diet of Sonic Youth, Hüsker Dü, and Operation Ivy, hearing Bivouac by Jawbreaker was a mind-melting experience. Bivouac is a record also that's frought with inner turmoil-- both from within the songs and within the band itself-- and extremely hard to classify; it's a record responsible for jumpstarting the emo movement in the early '90s, breaking the band from hardcore while expanding the pallette of it. Originally released on vinyl as Bivouac and Chesterfield King (whose tracks were folded onto the CD version of Bivouac), Blackball Records have remastered both from the original tapes, boosting the mids and highs of the original mix while keeping the integrity of the original recordings. If you haven't dove into this one, it's not too late.

Bivouac (on LP and CD) and Chesterfield King (on 12") are out now on Blackball Records.