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Lolina: "Miss Understood"


A new year brings a new moniker for Inga Copeland. A former member of beat freak duo Hype Williams, the Estonian artist is now recording under the name Lolina. And with this new pseudonym comes another slight shift in her approach to modern electronic pop. Taking a step to the left of the wobbly afterparty vibes of her last album, 2014's Because I'm Worth It (released as copeland), her new EP RELAXIN' With Lolina is dmore minimalist, stripping the '90s-influenced club tracks down to the studs. On the amazing "Miss Understood," Copeland drives a few insistent synth melodies into your cerebellum nice and easy, soothing the impact of the assault with a nursery rhyme-like vocal and a dribbling, halting boom-bap. 

Listen to "Miss Understood" below. The self-released RELAXIN' With Lolina EP is out now.

I Shift Position: copeland and the Postmodern Attitude

I Shift Position: copeland and the Postmodern Attitude

I’ve probably started and restarted this piece at least a half dozen times now, each time more unsure of how I should approach it. It’s not the first time Inga Copeland has given me writer’s block. Back in 2009 I started a small press label with my roommate out of our dim studio apartment and reached out to Hype Williams about releasing some material. At the time, Inga and Dean Blunt were making a sparse and heady brand of improvised garage-psych that spoke to my somewhat nihilistic attitude. I didn’t really give a fuck about much besides putting out that tape, and neither did they, and therein lays the reason why it was never officially released.

I’d struggle over two-sentence email replies as they’d change their minds about the format, or what songs were to be included, or even what the title would be (at one point, it was, yr budget on my neck, yr spouse on my dick). There were a lot of exchanges about the j-card art, which was ultimately left blank on blue cardstock. After all the back and forth, we eventually stopped responding to each other altogether—I think out of mutual exhaustion. I dubbed ten copies for them to give away.

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