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Hopscotch Music Festival Brings More than 170 Acts to Raleigh, North Carolina

Hopscotch Music Festival Brings More than 170 Acts to Raleigh, North Carolina Caught on Tape, the duo of Thurston Moore and John Moloney.

Photos by Tim Bugbee

The feasibility of mounting large-scale experimental and underground music events in the U.S. has grown increasingly questionable in the last few years. Festivals that forgo corporate sponsorship, like the once-venerable All Tomorrows Parties, have pulled out of American operations, and smaller one-offs like Neon Marshmallow and Terrastock haven’t made much of a peep lately. In their place, operations like the Red Bull Music Academy have stepped in, funding events like this year’s Drone Activity In Progress, a one-night noise extravaganza at a disused glass factory in Queens. It offered a convincing snapshot of the scene for a $8 cover fee and the incongruous sight of coolers full of Red Bull Silver being hawked as Pharmakon obliterated a black-clad crowd of misfits in an adjacent room.

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Hopscotch Festival Announces Line-Up

Hopscotch Festival Announces Line-Up

Hummina hummina hummina. Check out the names on the Hopscotch line-up! Just this morning, the Raleigh, North Carolina festival announced a bill that's so real, it's unreal. Wanted to see both Big Boi and Merzbow? Hopscotch has you covered. Waxahatchee and Wolf Eyes? Sure, they'll go together like chocolate and peanut butter. Grouper, Earl Sweatshirt, Matmos, Kurt Vile, Purling Hiss AND Mike Shiflet? As fun as it is hyperlinking a bunch of names, you can just read the line-up yourself right up there. Grab a ticket and start hitting up your friends in Raleigh before all the couches are taken.

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