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High Aura'd & Mike Shiflet: "Parlour Games"

High Aura'd & Mike Shiflet:

There's something about music that taps into an atmosphere of rural darkness, the secret occultist underbelly of desolate landscapes. The shadowy ambiance of High Aura’d (John Kolodij of Rhode Island) has a deft way of filling that void, reminiscent of French drone-machines Natural Snow Buildings. But a Kolodij release is a rarer occurrence, typified by razor-sharp focus and brevity. Awake, his upcoming long-form collaboration with veteran noisemaker Mike Shiflet (of Columbus, Ohio) for the always-obscure Type label is as great as would be expected. On “Parlour Games," Shiflet’s dynamic noise collages meld seamlessly with Kolodij's dark atmospherics, resulting in an ultra-saturated but expertly arranged track, a snowballing swell of airy guitar feedback that finally collapses into deep nautical rumble and yearning ghost-tones.

Awake is out now on Type.

High Aura'd: "Mercy Brown (excerpt)"

High Aura'd:

High Aura'd is the moniker of Boston's John Kolodij. An essential component of that city's modest but influential coterie of underground operators-- other denizens include Type Records label boss John Twells (who receives an arranger credit here) and Keith Fullerton Whitman-- Kolodij has been releasing music as High Aura'd since 2010. Sanguine Futures, due imminently from Bathetic Records, marks Kolodij's first full-length endeavor under the name and is as meticulously composed and sequenced as one hopes for when a promising project crosses over from the ephemeral world of limited cassettes to the relative finality of vinyl. The exclusive excerpt of the record's opening track "Mercy Brown" is anchored by an ominous, persistent droning, and completes the scene with far-off thunderous rumblings and metallic tones plucked out in space. Think of it as a teaser for the soundscape that slowly unfurls throughout the album's running time. Unlike the lukewarm Hollywood blockbusters on offer this summer, I promise you won't be disappointed when the curtain falls on High Aura'd. (Visitation Rites Co-Premiere)

Sanguine Futures will be released on July 10th and is now available for pre-order from Bathetic Records