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Great Valley: "Bleacher Honey"

Great Valley:

When the term “lo-fi” gets thrown about, it usually refers to vintage, analogue-based recording methods. But with their new video for Continental Lunch track “Bleacher Honey”, Great Valley have embraced the birth era of the pixel by creating a video that looks like it was shot sometime in the early nineties. In the age of HD, the band’s effort stays stubbornly low-res and utilizes effects taken from our very favorite HTML website. The Brattleboro based band share members with their more buzzed-about cousins Happy Jawbone Family Band and Blanche Blanche Blanche and make homemade, jangly “pretend pop”.

Their debut full-length is out on Feeding Tube Records. You can also stream it on their Bandcamp.

Great Valley: "Dream Phone"

Great Valley:

The Great Valley are pretend pop dreamsters from Brattleboro, VT (home of Blanche Blanche Blanche, who share a drummer with the Valley) who have done splits with Prince Rama and Happy Jawbone. They are planning to release their third full-length, Continental Lunch, on Feeding Tube Records, which features keyboard contributions by Zach Phillips of the aforementioned Blanche Blanche Blanche. "Dream Phone" starts with the sound of a telephone ringing and proceeds to fly away on huffs of helium.

Continental Lunch is out February 1st on Feeding Tube Records.