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Dreamboat (Ilyas Ahmed and Golden Retriever) Share the Moving "Aftershock / Face to Face"

Dreamboat (Ilyas Ahmed and Golden Retriever) Share the Moving

Dreamboat is the highly apropos name for an unlikely collaboration between folk guitarist and vocalist Ilyas Ahmed and synth-clarinet duo Golden Retriever. Giving rein to improvisation, they’ve made a record that merges Ahmed’s deeply colored, emotionally charged playing with the strange and structurally intricate sounds of Jonathan Sielaff’s processed bass clarinet and Matt Carlson’s analog synth. The A-side of Dreamboat’s forthcoming self-titled is intensely moving, with lunar synth sounds blooming out of a heartrending melody on 12-string guitar and Ahmed’s affected vocals melding with the clarinet. “Aftershock” moves through nervous synths to arrive at the more unsettled “Face to Face,” which at its climax erupts into a chorus of spacey reverberations underlaid by a grounding bassline. Each new gesture feels strikingly organic, grown from the last, embedding a deep sense of a lived-in atmosphere over the course of fifteen minutes.

Dreamboat is out March 4 on MIE Music.

Golden Retriever Made Us A Zonular Mix

Golden Retriever Made Us A Zonular Mix

Portland zoners Golden Retriever are the most placcid of all the outre wind/ion duos. They're more at home with chill vibes than Grasshopper and less likely to fuck up hip hop with a clarinet than Moth Cock. The dudes Matt Carlson and Jonathan Sielaff just dropped a new record on Thrill Jockey, and to set the mood for you listeners, they shared over an hour of jams which they most certainly like to jam. Solid intersection of ambient and improv here, as the mix sandwiches Elian Radigue and Jon Hassell between two Coltranes. Check the playlist after the jump.

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