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Flesh World Put Together a Playlist Full of Songs by Strange Women

Flesh World Put Together a Playlist Full of Songs by Strange Women Photography by Roxanne Clifford

Flesh World purvey a muscly sort of post-punk, spurred into gear by Scott Moor's high-octane, high-feedback guitar and Jess Scott's spat-out vocals. But the musculature that Flesh World flexes is not one of aggressive machismo, but rather one of corporeal connections fostered, a press release for the band has said, in the nurturting spaces of "the punk show, the gay world, and the rest of the environments Flesh World insulate themselves in for survival."  They're a band threaded together by this bodily interaction—Flesh World's Jess Scott and Scott Moore met while "loitering around [San Francisco's] Panhandle district"—as well as a physical sound.

Flesh World's Jess gathered up some of their disparate influences into a playlist for AdHoc. Check out the lead single for their upcoming full-length Into the Shroud, out September 8 via Dark Entries, below, and catch Flesh World perform September 23 at Silent Barn with Home Blitz.

Jess Scott: The theme of this is strange girls from around the globe—artists active from 1956 to present, from Tokyo to Berlin to Australia to Montreal to Los Angeles, from women from prison camps to women in my living room. These are sounds from strange girls with strange histories, making everything from early French goth to italo to contemporary house to avant-garde compositions in strange places.

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Flesh World: "A Sturdy Swiss Hiker"

Flesh World:

Flesh World, although apparently Paris-based, are made up of San Francisco's Brilliant Colors and Albany's Limp Wrist. It's somewhere in the midwest with Husker Dü's classic album, New Day Rising, however, that Flesh World finds a balance between the melodic indie-pop of Brilliant Colors and Limp Wrist's queercore. With thundering drums and driving, distorted guitars fit for Bob Mould, "A Sturdy Swiss Hiker," a new track from their upcoming self-titled album, lurches forward relentlessly for two minutes before suddenly falling apart. The song is as hooky as it is urgent, with softly sung vocals fighting to be heard beneath the song's tempestuous instrumentation.

There doesn't seem to be a release date for the album, but London-based punk label La Vida Es Un Mus is set to release it.