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Emeralds Break Up

Emeralds Break Up

Cleveland-based experimental trio Emeralds have officially broken up. Member Steve Hauschildt broke the news today via twitter, just two weeks after former guitarist Mark McGuire left the group:

"After much thought, I too have decided to leave Emeralds for personal reasons. The band is now over and all tour dates are cancelled...It's been a wild ride, I've made countless friends all over the world and have so many memories-- thank you all so much...I have dedicated my life to music and will continue to develop my work as a solo artist from here on out. RIP Emeralds 2006-2013...Our legacy is one to be felt, not remembered-- the music always spoke for itself and will continue to do so as a testament to hard work."

The group had recently released Just to Feel Anything on Editions Mego, which will end up being the last of their massive discography. Though they had already been together for several years and accrued a devout cult following, their 2010 LP Does It Look Like I'm Here? was their break-out record that reached a wider audience and wound up on several critics' year-end lists. You can watch a video for "Summerdata", a cut from Does It Look, below. R.I.P. Emeralds and best of luck to Mark, Steve, and John.

Mark McGuire: "Surrogate Channels"

Mark McGuire:

Call it a hot streak. Mark McGuire has been involved with two of the year's sweetest jams-- Inner Tube's S/T with Spencer Clarke and his native Emeralds' latest Just to Feel Anything-- and then decides to quietly post a Bandcamp EP. Surrogate Channels isn't as much a leap forward as a lateral move, pondering and even inverting ideas that McGuire posed in rapid fire during his prolific period a couple years back. Between some instrumental variation thanks to keys and percussion-- phew, no monk chants-- and sparse, deliberate arrangements, McGuire continues his 2012 transition from jamming to composing. As evidenced by the title track, McGuire is still incredibly interested in chill, complex melodicism-- kind of like an ambient Pat Metheny but, uh, actually good.

Surrogate Channels is out now on his recently-forged Bandcamp.

Steve Hauschildt: "Constant Reminders"

Steve Hauschildt: Steve Hauschildt, photo by Leonard Greco

We really like Emeralds here at Ad Hoc, such to the point that we imagine Our Great Leader (congrats 'bout last night, buddy) is a number-one fan and we changed the date of Christmas to the release date of their forthcoming record, Just To Feel Anything.

However, as much enthusiasm as we harbor for them, one of the things that we love most about Emeralds is how each member shines just as brightly even when separate. Whether it was McGuire's Inner Tube record or Eliott's dimension-shifting work as Outer Space, this year proved fruitful for their solo excursions. Now, it's Hauschildt's turn with Sequitur, his follow-up to last year's Tragedy & Geometry. Latest single "Constant Reminders" pulses longingly and melodically, like a lone cyborg singing Maria Minerva to himself in his spaceship, wishing he hadn't outlived his beloved crew. (via Self-Titled)

Sequitur drops November 12th on Kranky.