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Alix Hyde Shares Surreal Video for "Myriad Tears"

Alix Hyde Shares Surreal Video for

The warm sensations of Wanderings, Alix Hyde's debut album from Elestial Sound seem to crawl to the far reaches of the mind, creating a diverse dialog between sound, and silence. The artist crafts a particularly heart-churning composition on “Myriad Tears"—enveloping your soul, pulling you into a soothing realm. Hyde's sparse, sparkling piano melody drifts as though it were floating through space, colliding within the rhythms of a meteor shower. The video for “Myriad Tears”, made in collaboration with Tristan Whitehill of Euglossine, accentuates a mirroring of inner and outer space in the body, and mind. The phenomena of mental and physical dualities become a counterpart to the vast complexities of the human brain, and the universe. Bubbling pulsations are carried in a cosmic echo, visual, and sound begin to intertwine. The calming spaciousness of Hyde's music melds together the vividly palpable sensation surrounding the human form, and its relation to the atoms that are shifting around it weaving throughout space and time. Finding its home in a space where the difference between the two is uncertain. 

Wanderings is out now on Elestial Sound.

Jeffry Astin Ressurects Lost Sounds on Bhsaaveaegi

Jeffry Astin Resurrects Lost Sounds on Bhsaaveaegi

Housecraft label head Jeffry Astin has been releasing music for over a decade under various monikers including his Xiphiidae and Digital Natives projects which have releases on esteemed labels such as NNA Tapes and Beer on the Rug. Jeffry Astin's Bhsaaveagi, the latest release off of the Gainesville, Florida art collective and label Elestial Sound, is a resurrection of music thought to be lost forever. Thought to be lost in a hard drive crash, Astin was able to miraculously recover the album. Bhsaaveaegi is an aural voyage that transcends into many listening realms, floating effortlessly in the clouds, or being dragged deep under the dirt. These soundscapes peel away at your sense of space and time, as you peer deeper into them. “Hair Spun Gold," the first track on side B of Bhsaaveaegi is a collaboration between Astin and Jonathan Coward. Eerie, drones slowly weave into a visceral cacophony. Rich melancholy textures unfold slowly beneath the shrill staccato of bowed stringed instruments. Similar to the rise and fall of ocean tides, the billowing harmonies from the drones move in complex variation with an almost fierce uncertainty.

Bhsaaveaegi is out September 23 on Elestial Sound.