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Why Wales Owes Ed Schrader a Knighthood

Why Wales Owes Ed Schrader a Knighthood Photo by Lissy Elle

I’ve seen Baltimore natives Ed Schrader’s Music Beat many times over the years and have always been captivated by their unique brand of euphoric alt-rock. I remember when Ed would play a floor tom with a can light underneath, giving himself a creepy, ghostly look. Ed told AdHoc he “play[s] the drums the way Bowie plays the saxophone: it’s a hobby!” 

Ed has since given up playing the floor tom, but Devlin Rice has been solidly plucking the bass the whole time. With their new album, Riddles, Devlin has started writing guitar parts, synth parts, and other arrangements. This is their most theatrical and well-conceived release to date. Yet, it still retains the same pureness and honesty of their earlier work. They’ve shown they are just as willing to experiment and play with their style as they are to crack jokes and have an amusing time. Between Ed’s “Frasier Pic O’ The Day” antics on Instagram, the “Cats on the Lake” shirts and totes, and the band’s passionate stage presence, it’s hard to get bored when you’re keeping tabs on this act. 

AdHoc recently called Ed and Devlin for a serious conversation about celebrity look-a-likes, being knighted, and mixing meatloaf and mashed potatoes. Catch them at Baby’s All Right on Sunday, April 15, and pick up a copy of Riddles via Carpark Records.


AdHoc: So you’re currently on a national tour supporting the release of your newest album, Riddles. Where are you right now, and have you seen anything interesting on tour?

Devlin: We’re in LA right now. We saw Lake Tahoe—that was pretty cool.

Ed: We saw a person who we thought was the lead singer of Korn, but was only like 22 years old, so that wouldn’t make any sense.

Devlin: Um… Yeah, it definitely wasn’t that guy. It wasn’t Johnny Korndog. 

Ed: Kornman! You heard it here first. They’re now called Kornman.


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Ceremony Announces August Tour

Ceremony Announces August Tour

Ceremony have just announced a short but sweet round of shows happening this August. The tour will take the California hardcore outfit all over the East Coast, including to 285 Kent, Brooklyn on August 17, the finale of the trip. Ed Schrader's Music Beat and Give will be joining; you can see all the tour dates in the graphic above or after the jump.

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Ed Schrader's Music Beat: "Radio Eyes"

Ed Schrader's Music Beat:

Ed Schrader has been a mainstay of the much-lauded Baltimore music scene for a long time. While he was much renowned for his live shows, he did not put out a full-length LP until his 2012 collaboration with Devlin Rice, Jazz Mind. Finally, Shrader has been getting the attention he so richly deserves, contributing a track for Sub Pop's Sup Pop 1000 RSD compilation. The track, "Radio Eyes", now has an accompanying video, directed by Philip Leaman. Watch the musicians get accosted by a bunch of disembodied limbs and sentient apples below.

Sub Pop 1000 is still available at Sub Pop or your local record store.