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Doron Sadja: Breath Heart Skin

Doron Sadja: Breath Heart Skin

Functioning as a sound installation (commissioned by ISSUE Project Room), an album, and an artists' book, Breath Heart Skin by Sweden-via-Brooklyn's Doron Sadja is satisfyingly difficult to take in, with its restless musical and visual abstraction. The five pieces on the album portion of the work are each tremendously layered, employing eerie synthesizer washes and unsettling frequencies that are sometimes harsh, sometimes beautiful, and some times both of those adjectives at the same time. Breath Heart Skin is the first installment of SHINKOBOOK, a series of book-album combinations curated by the Shinkoyo collective (of which Sadja is a key member).

Breath Heart Skin is out now as a book and digital download via Shinkoyo.

Doron Sadja: "Residuals IV"

Doron Sadja:

After bouncing around a variety of projects during the past decade, building a resume that does ample justice to the word "multimedia," Doron Sadja returns to crafting spatially manipulative solo electronics in his recent multi-movement ambient suite for Shinkoyo, Residuals. The fourth and final movement anticipates that fleeting purgatory between the twilight of one era and the dawn of another. Silky string syntheses tread air peacefully in the panorama until, about halfway through, Sadja's symphony breaks through the fourth wall of the stereo dimension. Though time stands still, aching, every crystalline caress proves temporary once the ending section's repeated electro-acoustic melt floats away gradually in the updraft.

Residuals is out now on Shinkoyo.