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Locate S,1 Wants to Soundtrack Your Capitalist Nightmare

Locate S,1 Wants to Soundtrack Your Capitalist Nightmare Photography by Tropico Photo

Christina Schneider has been putting out music under the monikers C.E Schneider Topical, Jepeto Solutions, and Christina Schneider’s Genius Grant, but it’s with the name Locate S,1 that she’s taken her specific brand of off-kilter bedroom pop to its dizzying, prismatic peak. Schneider’s most recent album, Healing Contest, produced entirely by Of Montreal’s Kevin Barnes, was released in April on Sybaritic Peer and is by turns inviting and disorienting. That half-facetious tension in the title plays out over the course of the album: Just when you think you’ve got them pinned down, these songs turn themselves inside out.

On “1 800 Capital C,” Schneider brings that tension to the fore by working sharp, catchy songwriting into a heady dreamscape of post-ironic elevator music. She told AdHoc over email that she wrote it in the shower in Greece, while “thinking about American capitalism.” As such, it’s easy to fall for lines like,“Have you even tried the simulator / Have you breathed the cool mist of the mist machine?” Schneider wraps you in what feels like a theme song for the cool mist of capitalistic inertia before you can ask yourself if you’re buying what she’s selling. Through a veil of lilting synths, she implores: “What we want you to do is / Pick up the phone and call the number on the screen.” All we have to do is call.

The decidedly lo-fi video for the track, which we’re debuting today, was directed by Taylor Ross (of Surface To Air Missive). Schneider told AdHoc that the video “features everybody who played on the album, and that makes me happy.”

Locate S,1 play their record release show at Secret Project Robot on May 25 with TEEN and Potted Plant.


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