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Chandeliers: "New Times"


You can keep Austin as weird as you want, but the fact is that Chicago has always reigned in the weirdness department. A cow burned down the city. The city's PBS affiliate became the victim of one the most bizarre and notorious TV pirating pranks of all time. The Weird Chicago tour has great reviews on Yelp! And the city's music scene has spawned some bizarre forms of generally rigid music, whether it's jazz, rock, or movements in electronic.

Made up of members of Chicago art-rock powerhouses Icy Demons and Michael Columbia, Chandeliers embraces all of this heritage fondly. Their forthcoming debut Founding Fathers explores galactic pop, krautrock retrofuturism, incandescent jazz aesthetics, and acid house so acidic, Timothy Leary wouldn't even fuck with it. When you're ready to nosh on a bowl of Fruity Pebbles topped with psilocybin mushrooms at the club, album opener "New Times" has you covered. While their space funk grooves might feel familiar, closer listens reveal a visceral alienness that's hard to properly relate, which is always the mark of a novel approach. Hey, come to think of it, "New Times" also has a sort of Max Headroom vibe, yes?

Founding Fathers drops June 19th via Captcha Records.