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Airbird: "Long Lake"


Joel Ford-- half of the influential Brooklyn electronic duo Ford & Lopatin-- has just released a breezy new single under his solo monkier Airbird. The Steve Roach-sampling single is the first release off the forthcoming Romance Layers EP to be released on Legitmix.

You can purchase "Long Lake" here.

Airbird: "Trust"


When confronting the traditionally uncool, you end up with two choices: stick your tongue deep into your cheek a la Ariel, or dive into the mystifying, oft-ignored science of it like Joel Ford, the man behind Airbird. About a minute into "Trust,"-- culled from the forthcoming EP of the same name-- you realize a change of context is all it takes to make sure those Jan Hammer-esque toms don't elicit the same giddy thrill as a MIami Vice credit roll. The smoothe waves of electric piano,  sliding synth tones, and classical guitar runs, once artifacts of a dad-rock ready mentality, become a sentient Frankenstein of forgotten beauties. It's fair to assume Al Carlson, Software's secret weapon and general vibes consultant, may have played a part, but Ford's been on this tip since "Part of the Game" and since then he's only been digging deeper.

The Trust EP comes out May 29th on Software

Airbird: "Goodnight"


The tug-of-war between metropolis and wilderness is one of the modern world’s most enduring stories. Symbols of solidarity and solitude, the two states/spaces are alternately celebrated and demonised in art, music, and literature. But they're not necessarily opposites. There is harmony to be found in aloneness, and loneliness in togetherness. That tension is central to the music of Joel Ford in his solo guise, Airbird. You don’t need to know the back story-- that last year Ford moved from the hubbub of New York City to the countryside of North Carolina, for one-- to hear the feeling of release in "Goodnight," a track from his debut EP Trust, on Software. It’s there in Ford’s vocals as he calls out into a clear night sky, unobstructed by high-rises and the glare of streetlights. Both looser and earthier than his previous work, this is electronic soul that stretches and soars. --Ruth Saxelby, Dummy

Trust EP is out May 29th on Software