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Steve Jr: "Guru"

Steve Jr:

After romping around Montréal for a couple years, muffed-out guitar-'n'-drums duo Steve Jr was born into recorded history with a self-titled EP that swam out May 11 via Water Records. On the instrumental “Guru,” loud stoner rock buds Corbin Ordel and Gleb Wilson rev up the pace, with Ordel ripping away at the type of growling, incessant riff a fellow paying homage to the Melvins and Sleep with his t-shirts might favor. Meanwhile, Wilson, who also keeps time in Amen Dunes, crashes away at his cymbals as if fending off an onslaught of Dynasty Warriors. An old performance of “Guru” featuring a bleach-blond Ordel in a letterman jacket suggests Steve Jr keeps warm during unforgiving Québec winters by forgoing junior varsity sports to stoke the fires of classic rock worship. We know Steve Sr is proud. Et tu, Buzzo?

Steve Jr is out now on cassette at Water Records.

Eola: "Market"

What is at the heart of Eola's new video for "Market"?

Maybe it's about the invisible thread that connects all living things, and the power of the universal spirit... It might partially be about that, but it is also about donuts. Maybe it's about love? Oh, it certainly is about love. The love between Edwin White (aka Eola), his brother Andy (aka Andy Boay). Edwin's exuberant vocal composition here is reminiscent of Harry Nillson at his most playful. Apparenty the eight-and-a-half-minute track was recorded over three takes of improvised overdubs. The result is akin to a succulent slice of three-tiered audio layer cake.

Anyway, this clip, directed by Spencer Gilley and Corbin Ordel captures Edwin's strange journey, flipping in and out of a more recognizable reality and a color-saturated claymation funhouse filled with reptiles and aliens. Edwin is looking for his missing brother, but satisfying his donut lust seems to be of equal importance to him. Both objects of desire seem to throw him into a tweaked out mania. Conveniently, Edwin finds himself in the aisles of a convenience store. What does he find in this land of plenty? Donuts, you fool! And these particular circular treats give him the power to revive his comatose brother. Like much of Eola's output (and the work of the White brothers in general), the combination of this video and song manage to be both expertly crafted, and refreshingly goofy-- almost as sublime as the layer of sprinkles on top of a frosted donut. (Visitation Rites co-premiere)

Eola's Deo Gracias is out today from Arbutus Records imprint, Movie Star.