Zula Tightens Up Their Groove On "Anything For You"

 Zula Tightens Up Their Groove On Photography by Saad Rahman

“Anything For You,” the new track from Brooklyn mainstays Zula, is a swirling collage of chiming guitars, atmospheric violin, twinkling piano, and an airy, circuitous vocal melody, glued together with a driving backbeat. The band, led by cousins Nate and Henry Terepka, have always excelled at the sort of grooves that get you out of your seat and on your feet, but this track sees the group tightening their sound into a mesmerizing and hook-laden four minutes. Lyrically, the song feels like an omen, a warning about the dangers of leaving privilege and power unchecked: “Could it happen to you if you police the ones that you love?” 
"'Anything For You' combines a bunch of elements that we really love as a band: a breakbeat shuffle, a reflective headspace, and an intensified feeling of desperation or running in place,” says Henry Terepka. “The song’s syncopated rhythm developed out of a jam with bassist Noga Shefi in Fall 2014. The lyrics were inspired by white-male domination as embodied, experienced, and witnessed in private homes, on college campuses, and in seats of power.” 
“Hannah Epperson's violin playing,” he continues, “brought the end of the track to life with an improvised atmospheric performance, extending the yearning sentiment of the song to panoramic dimensions. For us, 'Anything For You' is one of the more melancholy, intimate, earthy songs on the EP.”  
Zula’s new EP, 6 Passes, is out October 13 via Forged Artifacts and Inflated Records. Catch them on October 19 at the Park Church Co-op for their EP release show with Combo Chimbita, Erica Eso, and Frank Hurricane. 


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