Wraiths: "Edinburgh"


Wraiths performs rituals. They do so in robes and in virtual anonymity. But one listen to what this veiled Scottish group invokes during these ceremonies will instantly dispel any thoughts of gimmickry or marketing. Spectral ambiance and primordial drone summoned from “found & re-structured equipment, location acoustics and human vocals” temporarily suspend awareness of time, space, and identity. Their approach to sound art emphasizes motion while decentralizing notions of the performer; blinding mists of unidentifiable instrumentation appear in only the faintest shadows. Wraiths’ drone-oriented improvisations reward repeated deep listens and deliver enough bracing cacophony to avoid simply becoming creepy wallpaper. By using disorientation as if it were an instrument, Wraiths conjure a haunt that stands on its own merits-- with or without the robes.

Wraiths' latest release, Edinburgh/Glasgow, documents two live rituals, and has just been unleashed as a limited-edition cassette from Chicago’s Land of Decay. Stream the A-side, "Edinburgh," below.

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