Whitney Share Video for "No Woman"

Whitney Share Video for photo by Sandy Kim

After the dissolution of Smith Westerns, guitarist Max Kakacek and drummer and vocalist Julien Ehrlich, former member of Unknown Mortal Orchestra, came together to create Whitney. Based in Chicago, the group has been releasing songs they had written and recorded over the last year, giving us a taste of what’s in store later this year. Their latest single, “No Woman”, co-released by Secretly Canadian and Lead Riders, buoyantly wanders in rhythm and sound. Ehrlich's endearing vocals sift through rippling guitar riffs, swelling strings and fetchingly bright trumpet fills.
According to Ehrlich, "'[The song] started to take shape when I woke up on a friend’s floor one morning. He was taking a shower and the chorus popped into my head while I was grabbing my stuff to go home. Later on Max and I sat down and wrote the chords and song structure in our apartment. It’s about losing the love of your life and being thrown into an aimless journey because of it."
Watch the video for “No Woman” directed by Hugh Donkin below. 


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