Whitney Share Warm "Golden Days" Video in Advance of Debut Full-Length

Whitney Share Warm photo by Sandy Kim

In the half-year or so that they’ve been releasing music, Whitney have mastered the art of conveying their version of Americana bliss. Following the tempered and sweet “No Woman”, members Max Kakacek and Julian Ehrlich have given word they'll be releasing their first full-length, Light Upon The Lake, just in time for summer. They're now sharing a more orchestral facet to their sound with “Golden Days,” which Ehrlich half-jokingly described in a live set as “our ‘Trap Queen,’ if we have one." It's certainly funkier than their prior releases and unabashedly a love song, albeit more entrenched in the past than in any idyllic present. In the video, Whitney give us warm glimpses of autumnal romance interspersed with shots of sunny grasslands and footage from a house show, all via a charming reel-to-reel setup. Ehrlich’s falsetto rolls smoothly over the slide guitar and thick bassline, and even as he sings the wrenching “It’s a shame I can’t get it together now / it’s a shame we can’t get it together now,” an undiminished brightness lingers in the melody.

Light Upon The Lake is out June 3 on Secretly Canadian.

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