Watch Ant'lrd's "Kasuisai" video

Launched only just this year, Whited Sepulchre has been the source of some of the most emotionally compelling and sincerely personal sounds of 2016. Having launched back in April with Braeyden Jae's morosely uplifting Fog Mirror, the SLC-based ambient tinkerer's debut album on vinyl, Whited Sepulchre now issues Ant'lrd's Sleep Drive, a three-track spread of cumulus-like aural drifts. The drone suite "MS-Dass" unfurls its 20-minute celestial canvas across the entire B-side, serving as the perfect compliment to the A-side's more rhythmic and ramshackle approach. Album opener "Hood" rides an effervescent bob of dewy warmth, feeling like a calm, cool summer morning. "Kasuisai" suggests more elusive elements, perfectly playing the emotional middleground of its bookends. The track plays out like some distant but definite spiritual offspring of rustically kosmische synth explorers Cluster. The video for "Kasuisai" follows a series of obscured but alluring images of nature, feeling not unlike a dosed walkabout or some pastoral waking dream. 

Sleep Drive is out now on Whited Sepulchre Records.

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