Vetter: "Brattefoss"


Norway has given rise to both the most orthodox and the most out-there examples of that which is called "black metal." The genre's bloody roots are planted firmly in Scandinavian soil, nurtured by ash and spilt blood, and it's interesting to see what kind of strange fruit has blossomed since. Demonhood Productions has recently introduced one of the most bizarre and engaging of Norway's new blood, a folk-influenced, noisey black metal project christened Vetter. Their debut CD, Vetterkult, will be available from the label come May 28th, and is an exciting glimpse into the future of this most puritannical of sounds. We're pleased to inflict the misanthropic vortex of chaos and cold that is "Brattefoss" upon your unsuspecting ears below.

Vetterkult is out now via Demonhood productions.

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