Tracey Trance: "Feelin' the Sun"

Tracey Trance:

Imagine if Electric Warrior had recorded with nothing but a few frayed pieces of wire and a rusty tin can, and you'll be halfway toward imagining the vibe Pyper Kub by Tracey Trance pushes forth. I only say halfway because there's a lot of adventurous left turns in the songwriting-- found sounds of drinking beer with folk fed through a Leslie speaker-- and nowhere is this method more ear-snaring as "Feelin' the Sun." "Feelin' the Sun" is everything a lo-fi sprawl should be with a chorus to die for. After sporadic releases for Not Not Fun and Night People, Pyper Kub is Tracey Trance's first release for One Kind Favor, a label dedicated to bringing back hissy, scratching rock recordings from days long since lost.

Pyper Kub will be due soon on One Kind Favor, limited to 700 copies of cream-colored vinyl.

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