Tomas Barfod: "November Skies" Remixes

Tomas Barfod:

There's been a great deal of Tomas Barfod hype around the interwebs this year. Barfod's originals are great, no doubt, but most of all it's that stunningly high-profile collection of remixes that puts the whole thing to another level, being so contemporary and aware that in ten years time, if you want to know what 2012 sounded like, all you probably need to do is listen to a couple of Tomas Barfod reworks. His November Skies EP is out now, featuring Nite Jewel, Sepalcure, Berlin upstart Touchy Mob, Jerome LOL, and Sekuoia for the twiddling duties, and every single one of them somehow manages to add something unique and challenging. This is how it's done folks. Listen to Sepalcure's and Nite Jewel's particularly enticing versions below. (via No Fear of Pop)

Tomas Barfod is playing 285 Kent - Brooklyn, NY this Friday as part of Rioux's Connect: Explorations of Sonic Psychadelia event series. November Skies has been released by Friends Of Friends. Get it over here.
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