Tomas Barfod: "November Skies (Jerome LOL Remix)"

Tomas Barfod:

If you're a diehard Friends of Friends junkie like myself (hopefully the names Shlohmo, Groundislava, and SFV Acid kick in a few doors for you), then you're probably well aware of Tomas' Barfod's track "November Skies". If you aren't, go listen to it. You'll want to, just to get the full surprise of Jerome LOL's remix, who takes the tune's quiet burn and slows it down, and wraps Nina Kinert's chipmunked vocals around a bed of Rhodes and hard-as-concrete kicks. JLOL takes the original from a bedroom jam and bumps it up to a ready-to-drop-in-the-middle-of-an-afterhours-DJ-set standard. Take this one to your next local warehouse throwdown.

Salton Sea is out now on Friends of Friends, with "November Skies" to be released as a single on November 26th, featuring this remix as well as reworks by Sepalcure, Nite Jewel, and more on FoF, as well.

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