Toke Up with Tall Juan and their Latest Video, “Kaya”

Toke Up with Tall Juan and their Latest Video, “Kaya” Photography by Karen Alonzo

In an age when the news cycle seems endless and dreary, it’s almost impossible to relax. Queens-via-Buenos Aires musician Tall Juan’s track “Kaya,” off of 2017’s Olden Goldies, is a hazy ode to toking up. It's also a cover of Argentine post-punk band Sumo. Over echoing guitar, frontman Juan Zaballa sings about experiencing feelings of anger and regret — until he “smoked a little Kaya,” that is. With reverb-heavy vocals and instrumentation, the song gives off a dreamlike quality. In the new video for the track, Zaballa nervously watches the news. In an effort to cheer himself up, he smokes a joint and is subsequently enveloped in a thick cloud of smoke as a mysterious blonde woman appears with a tray of donuts. The surreal video ends when the woman takes a hit, and begins to stuff donuts into Zaballa’s mouth.
Zaballa tells AdHoc that while arranging his cover of Sumo's “Kaya," he “took one line and repeated it twice.” He says that there are many ways to interpret the lyrics, and that there’s not a single, specific meaning he wants listeners to take away. Watch the video below, and catch Tall Juan with Mysterly Lights and Future Punx at Market Hotel (appropriately) on April 20.
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