Tiger Hatchery: "Chieftan"

Tiger Hatchery:

Tiger Hatchery's supporters tend to throw around the superlative "best band in the world" and despite the lack of Real Songs, sure why not go with that? If we can manage to convince the world that the guys making pure cacophony with a saxophone, a guitar, and some drums are better than the Arcade Fire then we can expect at least two years of interesting copycats. ESP-Disk has assumed the burden of this ignoble mission, choosing at the very least to canonically allign the Chicago improv trio with The Fugs, Sun Ra, Henry Grimes, and Beach Boys collaborator, Chuckles Manson. While not quite the same experience as getting aurally cornholed by Ben Billington, Mike Forbes, and Andrew Scott Young in a tight, sweaty DIY space, "Chieftan" does at least give you some indication of what these guys sound like. Together, the trio forms the sonic equivalent of a zero-resistance superconductor, outputting as much noise, jazz, and chaos as they receive from whatever energy source it is that fuels them. If their album's title is to be believed, the energy source is the sun, but it might also be drugs.

Sun Worship is out November 19 on ESP-Disk. In other news, ESP-Disk is having a 50th anniversarry extravaganza soon on November 17.

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